FAME’s members include Canada’s leading arts, cultural, performance, entertainment and heritage-based festivals and events. Together, we speak as the national advocacy voice for our sector and serve as benchmarks of operational excellence and high-calibre programming.

Our very presence has changed the rules of engagement in Ottawa, creating new channels of communication at a time when the economy remains unstable and policies are in flux. FAME increases political awareness of the importance of our sector in Canada as an economic driver, key export industry, and area of future growth and development.


As a member-financed organization, we provide:

  • A unified sector voice for advocating to the federal government
  • Direct access to key federal politicians and policy makers
  • Increased national profile and presence
  • Access to strategic planning and government relations services though one of Canada’s leading government relations firms, the Capital Hill Group
  • Updates on the latest industry news and available sector research
  • Participation in commissioned proprietary research studies
  • Collaboration with industry partners
  • Joint marketing and promotional opportunities and industry marketing advocacy
  • Insider information shared between members to develop best practices, benchmark performance and address unforeseen challenges
  • Representation at tourism and industry events such as Rendez-vous Canada

Each year, in every corner of the country, millions of people from far and wide come together to experience our nation’s vibrant festivals and events. Behind the stages and exhibition areas, away from the speakers and spotlights, organizers have spent countless hours on every detail.

Culture does not exist in a vacuum. It does not thrive by chance. It needs to be willfully created, planned, nurtured and celebrated. We know because this is what we do. It is who we are.

For too long our sector had been focused at the local and regional level. FAME formed to unite on a national scale to present the vast potential and power of what we do to government, media and the public.

Our membership is strong, and we’re focused on growing our representation to expand the reach of our united sector voice. We are key economic drivers in the new economy providing must-see, world-class programming for consumers in the highly competitive tourism marketplace. Increased industry representation strengthens our advocacy efforts and funding recommendation platform.